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There are only a few African-run companies that stand out in the betting world with regards to betting bonuses, for instance, firms such as Betin Kenya and Bet9ja which are popular great sports betting sites kenya. We will take a look at these operators, what they have to offer and tips on how to make the most out of these websites.

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Betting Bonus – What You Should Know?

A quick look at home pages of most great sports betting sites kenya and you will see the many of them offering you some kind of welcome betting bonus. Why is this? It is obvious that betting companies are in the business of making money and they want you to sign up with them in this highly competitive industry. However, with articles like this one you could get to know a little more about special bets and other lucrative promotions that you yourself could participate in and make a lot of money while at it such as the Bet9ja 100% deposit bonus promotion.

Also, most of the times during the sign up processes you only get to see the offers in bold with only the mere mention of terms and conditions. We waltill show you how the devil is usually in the details in these promotions and how by being aware of the conditions you will not end up being disappointed with your choices. Two companies with a lucrative bet bonus offers will also be reviewed.


Make Sure to Read the Small Print

Whether it is an international site with an attractive and professional-looking website or it is a local site that you have heard good things about, make sure you read the Terms and Conditions before signing up and depositing large sums of money. Do not just check the box that asks if you agree to the terms and conditions, first read them. Most of the time sports betting bonuses have conditions attached to them. For instance, there is always a minimum deposit that qualifies for the bonus. Depositing amounts below the said minimum will definitely make your deposit ineligible for that bonus. Also, the majority of bookmakers do not allow users to immediately withdraw the bonuses, users have to first bet the bonus amount a couple of times before being allowed to withdraw the money. Thus, you should make a habit to read the fine print before signing up with some expectations that end up not being met.

Great Sports Betting Sites Kenya


Where to Find Great Sports Betting Sites Kenya?

Well, you are in the right place. We have made it a habit on this site to always be on the lookout for the sports betting bonuses both locally and internationally. We then carefully analyse these sites comparing them with others that we know off. This enables us to separate the grain from the chaff; to bring to you the ones out of the hundreds claiming to be great. We will discuss two such sites in this article. The sites have been chosen for this article because they are African based and they are setting the trends in terms of bet bonus promotions. The two sites are Betin Kenya and Bet9ja. Many other interesting sport bonuses and their codes are covered in other pages on this site. We are also going to give advice on betting bonuses, what to do and what not to do, what to know and what to assume when it comes to betting bonuses and a whole lot of other useful and interesting information.


When to Find Big Promotions?

There are seasons for promotions. Some bookmakers have enough cash flows that every time for them is a party time, while others mostly offer promotions during big tournaments and events. For instance, when the Olympics, World Cup games, or the UEFA cup come up, there are hundreds of bookmakers that offer interesting promotions to new users to allow them to triple the fun on such events by betting on their favourite athletes/ teams.


If you are looking for sports betting bonuses, this is the site to sign up on. is owned by KC Gaming – a Lagos based company licensed and registered by the state’s lotteries board. The firm is run by a professional board that is dedicated to ensuring all of the company’s customers have nice experiences using its retail and online services.

As Bet9ja is still not operating in Kenya, you can check what Bet9ja Nigeria offers.

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Signing up on this site is an easy process. All you need to do is to enter your true personal details and the sports betting bonus code SPORTMAX. SPORTMAX Bet Bonus Code is the most interesting feature to new users on this site, this is because it allows them to get a 100% bonus on their first deposit. It is crucial for you to know that the only way you will qualify for the bet is through offering entering the above-mentioned code. After taking care of the details, you will then have to deposit money into your account. Make sure that the amount is above 100 Naira since this is the minimum deposit allowed. However, to get the most out of this you will have to deposit some more money. Bet9ja also has an in-play betting option allowing customers to bet after events have already started. To make their services even more accessible, the company recently unveiled their betting app. Thus, now you can bet wherever you are as long as you have your phone and data connection.


Betin Kenya

Similar to Bet9ja, this betting operator also offers Kenyans some serious incentives to register. is part of the Gamcode limited an affiliate of the Europe-based Logispin group. The key thing you should know about this firm is that it is real and credible. This is because it is properly licensed by the BCLB and also because its brand ambassador is a prominent media personality. The company prides itself in offering customers thousands of exclusive betting markets and a lucrative bet bonus promotion. You will find almost all the European football leagues here. Big tournaments such as the World Cup, IAAF events and others are also part of Betin Kenya’s sportsbooks. However, Betin Kenya’s biggest drawcard is its MAXBONUS bet bonus code promotion. With this bonus code you could earn up to a fifty percent bonus on your possible earnings. Sign in to check this bet bonus out. The most fascinating thing about this bonus is that you don’t just get to earn it once or twice, but as much as you would like to. The security of your personal information against hackers and other malicious third parties is guaranteed, this is because the site is protected by a Thawte encryption service. Apart from the interesting bet bonus, other incentives you should know about this site include the fact that it offers live betting and that withdrawals can made at any time during the day. Signing up on Betin Kenya could also enable you to win millions in their jackpot promotion.

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How to Make the Most out of Great Sports Betting Sites Kenya

This is something that everyone wants to know and even those who know keep on forgetting and going back to their old practices. The one thing that we should all know about betting is that you should not bet based on your potential win, instead you should always ponder whether the amount you have staked is money that you can afford to lose. Whether the money is welcome bonus money or it is your hard-earned cash you should always think what would this loss mean to me? Can I afford it? Asking yourself these questions will help to keep you in check. Earning good money through online betting can only be done through proper analysis and patience. Try not to chase losses, try not to earn large amounts of cash at go. Big wins are often associated with big odds. With the odds (probability) so high, it is less likely that you will win such bets.

However, despite many of us being aware of such advice we always forget and get back to our old selves staking large amounts of money on multiple events hoping for a big break. With hope, the only thing you can achieve is to make bookmakers richer than they already are. The great option for you is to study events in terms of form and other statistics and to try and make profits in the long run.


What to Do After Getting Your Sport Betting Bonus?

After registering on a site, depositing money and earning your bet bonus, it is time to play to earn some real money. But how you ask, how can I earn real money? How can I make a profit? First, as we have mentioned before, do not rush to bet all your extra bonus cash. Despite this advice being simple enough most people do not follow it. This is why many bookmakers are able to survive despite offering millions in extra bonus cash to their new users; because most of these users just end up using the welcome money trying to earn big money at a go. The way to do it is to study team form. If you are a football pundit like most Kenyans, Nigerians and other people from Africa are, bet only on leagues with very big stakes. Established football leagues, such as those in the UK, feature very high stakes in terms of monetary rewards and pride for the winners and shame and relegation for the losers. The fact that a team is faced with these two choices means that most of the time the teams have something to play for. And in such cases goals are likely to be scored. Thus, betting on high stake leagues such as the EPL normally means that a draw is the least possible outcome. That said you now have to simply pick a winner between the two. This is unlike other leagues where the stakes are not high and draws have a much higher chance of occurring.


What Else do You Need to Know?

Bet bonuses come and go, but what matters the most is your experience. Don’t simply sign up on a new bookmaker, just because you have heard that they have interesting sign up bonuses or because they offer interesting big-money jackpots. This will do you no good if the company has poor services or does not have other features meant to make your betting life comfortable. Make sure you look for other features such as: their odds; the variety of their market odds; their customer support; their deposit and withdrawal rules; their minimum deposit levels; whether they offer live betting; and so on. A good guide could be the two firms we have mentioned; i.e. Bet9ja and Betin Kenya. These two firms not only offer interesting sports betting bonuses but also have other features that are meant to make betting more convenient for their customers.



In conclusion, we have seen several important things about sports betting bonuses and great sports betting sites Kenya. One of the most important things is that there is a need for one as a user to always be keen on the fine print. Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions before deciding whether or not to register because of a sign up bonus. We have also seen two great sports betting firms in Africa and why we think they are up there in Terms of services and their incentives to register. You could use these two firms, Bet9ja and Betin Kenya, as standards how great bookmakers look like. Tips on how to make the most of your bonus and something on great sports betting sites Kenya have also been highlighted. Adhering to these tips will enable you to earn more money in the long run. So sign up these two firms to have great betting experience and to win big in Africa. And remember, to make genuine profits in the long run you have to be patient and analytical.

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