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There are not that many sports betting companies that have managed to attract as many customers as bet365 has. The company offers its customers lucrative promotions and interesting features to make their betting life more exciting and profitable.

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The bet365 100% initial deposit bonus offer is the many features that have made this company one of the most successful sports betting firms in the world. For all the customers opening a new account there is a special offer of $50 + $25 bonus. This is a maximum of what you can get. Use the bet365 bonuscode when creating an account!

Founded in the United Kingdom barely twenty years ago (2000), the company has grown in leaps and bounds to become the leading sports betting firm in the world in terms of offers, customer support, betting markets variety, betting bonuses and other factors. The success has been brought about by the consistent investments and improvements made by the company board. Right now, with a workforce of over 2000 individuals, the company provides the best customer support service in the entire betting industry. Apart from the superb customer support, there are many other drawcards that have attracted millions of customers to bet365. In this review, we are going to look at the various features available on the bet365 website, how to take advantage of these features and what to look out for. There will be a special focus on the bet365 bonus code offer and other promotions available on the website.

bet365 bonus

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bet365 licensing

This is one of the safest gaming sites to bet in. This is because bet365 is licensed by United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission. The commission has a strict set of rules and regulations that all betting companies based in the UK must adhere to. Failure to adhere to any rules set by the commission could result in the revocation of a company’s license. A license from the commission means that a betting firm must conduct all its betting operations above board. This means that your hard-earned money is safe with this company. There is also no risk of your betting operations or your personal data being shared with any third-party entity for any other purpose without you being directly informed.

Registering with the bet365 bonus code

Signing up on the bet365 website is a pretty simple and straightforward process. All you need to do is to enter a few personal details in the marked fields. If you come about any trouble when entering your details, there is plenty of help available on the site in the form of: live customer support; a help line; and an email contact. Upon opening the home page, simply click the “Join Now” link at the top right hand corner of the page. The link will redirect you to the registration page and you will be on your way to earning some free money using the bet365 bonus code promotion.

bet365 bonuscode

If there is one feature that has single handedly attracted millions of customers to sign up on the bet365 site, it most likely is the initial deposit bet365 bonus promotion. Unlike what the majority of established local and international sites offer (or rather not offer), bet365 is world famous for its 100 percent initial deposit bonus offer of up to 50 dollars (5000 Kenya shillings at current exchange rates). This means that any amount of money that you deposit in your account as your first deposit will be 100% matched by the company. For instance, if you deposit 10 dollars you will get a cash bonus of 10 dollars and if you deposit 50 dollars you can get a cash bonus of 50 dollars. However, remember that the extra money is not exactly withdrawable; it can only be used as a betting token. That means that you get to use it to place bets on various events without the fear of losing your hard earned money. Still, to earn this bonus money you have to be careful to enter the right bonus code during registration. Is the bonus offer simply available for all those who register on the site? No. Though many bettors expect things to be this way, they simply are not. You can only claim this bonus by keying in our exclusive bet365 bonus code into the field marked Bonus Code on the “Join Now” page.

Just remember to check the Terms and Conditions first. It is possible, that you are not eligible to get the bonus offer from the country you are registering. Make sure you are doing it right!

bet365 website

This company’s website can be described as simple and interactive. It has all the necessary details presented in a manner that is efficient. Unlike other local and international gaming sites, this one loads pretty quickly. On the home page you will see several live games and betting promotions that you can start enjoying upon signing up. We found the site to have everything necessary for one to be a successful online punter.


Where to use you bet365 bonus money

There are over thirty different types of sports events available on the bet365 website. The variety of sporting events is one of the strongest drawcards to this site. The sports include: soccer; tennis; rugby; horse racing; handball; basketball; baseball; and golf among others. These sports or gaming events are from all over the world. This means that, upon signing up on the bet365 site you will never run out of games or events to spend your bet365 bonus code cash on. You can find hundreds or even thousands of games to place a bet on, regardless of whether it is Monday, Thursday or Sunday. This feature has played a part in attracting hundreds of Kenyans to register on this site. This is because many have been disappointed by the scarcity of events to bet on, in some local gaming companies particularly on weekdays.
bet365 horseracing

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Live (in-play) Betting

No other gaming company in the world, boasts of a live betting feature as interactive and as comprehensive as bet365’s. Every time you logon to your account, there is a high likelihood that you will find at least a couple of live games that you can place a bet on. For those who like betting on football markets you will surely be impressed by the variety of markets available for in-play betting. If for whatever reason you were not able to place your bet earlier, do not worry, since with the bet365 live betting feature you can still wager on Barclays Premier League, Serie A, and Bundesliga matches even if they have already started. Thousands of other games are also available annually for live betting.

This is one of the best places to spend your bet365 bonus code money, since you will get to first analyse the game, see where it is headed and make an informed prediction that will most likely be the correct one. This is the reason why thousands, if not millions of people like live betting (success is almost guaranteed here).

Live matches

Follow the game or get know what is happening on big matches via bet365’s live streaming service. Yes, you read that right. This company offers its customers a chance to follow all important matches without paying anything extra. Furthermore, you don’t have to even bet on a match to be allowed to watch it for free. Be it soccer, basketball or even tennis matches you are allowed to watch them for free on bet365. What will impress you even further is the fact that as a match progresses, you can see the odds on the screen and place a bet as the game continues. For you to see the variety on offer here, imagine that your account allows you access to over fifty thousand live events every year including every championship, la liga and Bundesliga game for this season. How cool is that!? Thus, you could use your bet365 bonus money to earn some more extra cash through in-play betting on live matches.

bet365 mobile betting bonus

The guys at bet365 have definitely geared their company towards making every punter extremely happy. Imagine betting anywhere you are by simply using your phone or tablet. You could do this by simply downloading the bet365 app from Google Play or the Iphone App store. With this application you could live stream and bet on the go without being tied to the PC at your home or workplace. Apart from the bet365 app, there is also a dedicated mobile website. Mobile betting has never been easier and quicker than this. What will make you like this site even more is the fact that you will get a 100 percent bet365 bonus of up to 25 dollars for you initial mobile bet. This means that you could get up to 2500 shillings on the site for free by simply betting using your Iphone or Android phone.
bet365 mobile

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Deposit and Withdrawal options

So yes, you cannot deposit money using MPESA. But do not fret, this company accepts a variety of payment and withdrawal options that many Kenyans have access to. Some of the payment and withdrawal options that Kenyans customers can use include: Skrill, Mastercard and Visa cards. Most of you have used one of the three payment service providers so you will have no problems depositing your cash or withdrawing your winnings. You could also withdraw your money via cheque or wire transfer. Withdrawal processing times are usually within twenty four hours. Depending on the amount of money you are withdrawing the company might ask you for additional personal details. If this happens, do not worry, this is purely for security reasons. All they want to do is to make sure that the money is going to the right person.

Customer Service

You would think that a company with millions of customers would naturally be struggling to provide adequate support to all its customers. However, that is far from the truth. bet365 has managed to conquer the gaming industry in less than two decades not just through proper investments but specifically through making its users feel like kings. The customer support service offered by this company is second to none. First, the company offers its customers a twenty four hour live chat feature; meaning that you don’t have to worry about anything since any problem you encounter can quickly be resolved within a matter of minutes through this option. You could also call and talk to a customer service representative. If you have any documents, snapshots or images that you want to send to the customer service department, you could do so by simply sending a detailed email to the company at:

However, before contacting the customer service guys, you might want to look at their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. This is because whatever question you want to ask be it about the bet365 bonus code or registration has most likely already been answered on that page.

Statistical Analysis

You do not have to be a betting pro to win at bet365. Why? Because the company has a statistics page where you could analyse and get to know everything that you want to know about your favourite sports team and its opponent. This essentially means you do not have to rely on some betting guru to make your predictions. You simply review the recent run of your team and how it has fared in its recent games with that particular opponent. This will help you make a more informed choice than any prediction site will. Remember, you do not know the intentions or the motive of the prediction sites so do not just make bets using their predictions. However, one thing that you could do is to take advantage of the accurate statistics page on the bet365 website to maximise your profits using your bet365 bonus code monies.

Cash Out option

If there is one feature that we all love at this site, is its cash out option. Maybe you made a bet and you have followed the game live and you don’t think that the outcome is going to go your way. At this point, how many of you have wished for a cash-out option? For example, you have staked your money on Arsenal or Barcelona and then it happens that their players are just not at their usual best. If this happens on bet365, you could cash out (remove your bet), meaning that the losses you were going to make in such a case could be reduced to manageable proportions using this feature. Remember, not all bets qualify for the cash out option, so be keen and read the terms carefully before trying to cash out. For example, some of the markets that do not have a cash-out option include: scorecast, Asian handicap; first goalscorer; and last goalscorer.

Responsible Gaming

Of late the betting craze has taken over the Kenyan society like wildfire to dry grass. All over on social media, radio stations and TV channels some kind of gambling company is being advertised or a betting promotion is being aired. Therefore, you might already be concerned about the kind of direction this whole thing is taking. However, do not be alarmed or worried about getting some kind of gambling addiction on bet365 since this company is fully committed to responsible gaming. This company has tools to help you put your gaming activities in check. For instance, if you are worried about spending too much money on betting, you could set limits above which you will not be allowed to play anymore. For instance, you could set the amount of money that you could play per day or per week depending on how bad your problem is. There is also a self-evaluation test on the site that you could use to assess the extent of your problem. The company also has a list of websites and contacts you could get in touch with if you feel that you need help.

bet365 Casino

If you are like many of us then you might have received spam mail informing you that you have won some amount of cash. Since it sounds exciting, you read on and find out that the money you have won is on a game which you’ve never heard of or don’t even know how to play. Most of these casinos are also unheard of or in places where you are not even sure if they have internet. The good news is there is now a casino where you could play and win millions of shillings by following tutorials/ guides available on the site and that is the bet365 casino. The best feature on this casino is the fact that you could earn a bet365 bonus of up to 200 dollars. The bonus amount is dependent on the amount of money you will deposit. Furthermore, the casino has over 250 games (including roulette and blackjack) which you can download and play to win yourself some extra money. This breadth of games means that you will likely find something that suits both your pocket and your tastes. There are also live dealers for some of the casino games. The games can also be played on smartphones or tablets, making it more convenient for you to bet wherever you are.

Settling of Bets

If you have won a bet you placed on, your user account will be credited with that amount as fast as possible. This means that the moment the event if officially complete, the winnings will be sent directly to your account. Sometimes there might be system delays, but most bets are usually settled within an hour. If you see that you have won and your winnings have not been credited to your account after the one hour has elapsed, feel free to contact their customer support and they will surely help you sort out things quickly.

Protection of personal details

There are dozens of international gambling sites out there that pretend to offer customers the best gaming experience in the market. However, the design of their websites and a myriad of other red flags tell you that you should not even think about joining such sites. The one thing that many of these fake sites are after is personal information. They then sell this information or use it to scam you. Many punters have fallen prey to such schemes. However, one thing you can be sure of is that bet365 is a fully legitimate gambling company which is licensed and operated in the United Kingdom. We trust them with our personal details and so should you. The company has made an explicit promise never to share its clients personal information. Furthermore, all the information on the site is protected using one of the best data encryption service providers in the world; i.e. Thawte SSL encryption.

Despite the many advantages and interesting features on this site, there have been some negative reports about them. There are some people who claim that they have been frustrated by the company in withdrawing their winnings. In the many years, that our staff have owned accounts on the site, none of them have encountered such problems. In our experience, most of the accusations levelled against bet365 are often due to users not reading the terms and conditions attached to promotions or features on the site. Thus, to have the best experience on the site make sure you understand everything and ask questions if you have doubts, before placing your bet. Never make assumptions about any part of the betting process or a promotion. Always be sure.

In conclusion, we have looked at the tools and features that have attracted millions of visitors to this site. Some of the features such as the bet365 bonus code offer that gives customers a 100 percent initial deposit matched bonus have been discussed in length. Other features available on this site include: the bet365 bonus for mobile betting; the bet365 app; the company’s impeccable customer support department; and the company’s betting market among many other features. Despite being started barely twenty years ago, bet365 has grown rapidly to become the number one gaming site in the world. This is because of the above-mentioned features. The site is also one of the few that are highly trusted in the international market. bet365 might not be Kenyan company, but you have every reason to trust that this site will keep your money and your personal information safe. They have worked for many years to carve out their niche in the industry; meaning that they intend to keep you and many other people as customers for the long haul. We have already registered on this site and have seen the benefits. Join now to enjoy the many benefits on offer.

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