10bet Registration Kenya | Guide for 2023

The first thing you can do on the 10bet Kenya website is to register your account. It is a straightforward process; in this article, we detail the 10bet registration process and explain all you need to complete it.

10bet Registration Kenya: a Step-by-Step Guide

You must complete the 10bet open account process online on the bookmaker’s site. To complete the 10bet registration, you need two details, your phone number and a 4-digit pin to secure your account. 

Registration on 10bet has been simplified so you can get the welcome bonus and start betting immediately. You will be required to add more details and verify your account after you have completed the initial registration process.

We provide a step-by-step guide on how to complete the 10bet sign-up process below.

Visit the bookmaker’s website

The first step is to visit the bookmaker’s website. You can do this via a laptop, mobile phone or any other internet-enabled device.

Ensure that it is the official 10bet Kenya site by looking out for its logo and the padlock symbol on the URL section of the webpage. Another way to get to the registration form is by using the 10bet app.

10bet Kenya Homepage

Complete the registration form

You can access the registration form by clicking the ‘Join Now’ button at the top of the page. Doing this will bring out the 10bet sign-up page, and you need to enter your details on this page.

All you need for the registration is your phone number and a 4-digit pin. Your phone number must be registered in Kenya, and the pin is to secure your account, so ensure you choose a secret pin that is not easy to guess. 

After entering your details, click the checkbox to confirm that you accept the terms and conditions of the bookmaker and that you are above 18 years.

10bet Registration Form

Complete the verification

The bookmaker has secured the site against bots, so it implements a captcha system on the page.

This system gives you the simple task of sliding a piece of a picture into place. Once you can complete this, the registration is complete.


After completing the registration process, you need to deposit. A deposit secures your account and lets you place a bet in the sports or virtual games sections.

10bet Sign-Up Bonus

After completing the 10bet Kenya registration, you are entitled to the welcome bonus of 150% of your first 3 deposits as free bets.

If you have the 10bet bonus code, you can enter it after registration on the deposit page.

10bet Sign-up Bonus

How to Verify the 10bet Account?

There are two types of verification on 10bet Kenya. The first is immediately after clicking the ‘Register’ button after entering your phone number and pin.

The bookmaker uses a form of captcha to verify that it is not a bot accessing the registration page. 

To complete this registration, you have to slide a piece of a picture into place. You can only try to complete this captcha about three times before you have to refresh the page to try again.

The second verification is after the registration process and can come up anytime, especially when you want to withdraw from your account. 

For this verification, the bookmaker wants to determine whether you meet the registration terms and conditions.

For example, you must upload scanned copies of documents containing your date of birth and residence. Here are some of the documents the bookmaker may require.

  • A copy of a valid ID with a passport photograph, such as an ID card, an international passport or a driver’s license;
  • A copy of a recent utility bill showing your address, such as an electricity bill, telephone bill etc. (the utility bill must not be older than 6 months to qualify); 
  • A copy of a recent credit/debit, bank account/mobile phone-based money transfer statement, e.g. M-Pesa (note: the account statement must relate to a financial method you use frequently and must be under 6 months.

You can upload this to the bookmaker’s email. If you prefer, you can contact the customer care team of the bookmaker to ask them where to upload these documents.

How to Login to 10bet Kenya?

After completing the 10bet registration, you can now log into your account. Follow the steps below to log into your 10bet Kenya account.

  1. Click on ‘Login’ on the bookmaker’s homepage.
  2. Enter your phone number and 4-digit pin in the space provided.
  3. Click the login button to complete the process.

If you forgot your 10bet pin, click the ‘Forgot pin’ on the 10bet login page. However, you must contact the bookmaker’s customer care team to reset your pin and allow you to set up a new one.

What Are the 10bet Registration Requirements?

Registering an account on 10bet is free; however, there are some requirements you need to meet before you can complete the 10bet registration process. Here are some of the 10bet registration requirements.

Online registration

The only way to complete the 10bet Kenya registration is online, and the bookmaker doesn’t offer SMS or USSD registration. So you must have an internet-enabled device, a browser to visit the 10bet site, and an internet network to access the bookmaker’s page. 

A 4-digit pin to secure your account

You need to secure your account. And to do that, you are required to enter a pin.

This 4-digit pin must not be consecutive numbers like ‘1234’, and it must not also be obvious numbers like your birth date and month. Ensure you use random numbers that are difficult to guess.

Your registered phone number

The first detail you need to register your 10bet account is your number, and this number must be registered in Kenya. This number must also be linked to your mobile money account because the only deposit methods on 10bet Kenya are mobile money options, and third-party deposits are not allowed.

Be above the legal betting age 

Under-aged betting is illegal in Kenya, and the bookmaker takes it seriously. So before you register an account, you must be above 18 years.

And even if you register an account as a minor, there is a verification process where you must upload documents that reveal your identity, including your age.

Accept the terms and conditions

The bookmaker has several terms and conditions that you need to accept before you can register an account. Like registering with your phone number and being above 18 years.

Some of these terms and conditions concern the welcome bonus and other betting sections. All of the terms and conditions are found on the 10bet website, and you can check them before completing the registration process.

How to Deposit Funds on 10bet?

After registering your account, the website will redirect you to the deposit section. This is because you need to add money to your account before getting the welcome bonus or placing any bets. 

There are three deposit channels on 10bet Kenya, Safaricom, Airtel money, and Tigo M-Pesa. These are all mobile money channels.

However, you can only deposit on the bookmaker’s website using Safaricom and Airtel Money. You must use the mobile menu to deposit using Tigo M-Pesa.

How to Withdraw Funds from 10bet?

You can withdraw from your 10bet account after you’ve wagered your money and gotten back from your bets. If you are wagering the welcome bonus, you must meet the wagering requirements before you start withdrawing from your account. 


10bet is a premier betting site in Kenya. From the design to the size of the welcome bonus, the different betting sections on the website and the mobile app, you can see the bookmaker’s commitment to a superior betting experience.

The 10bet registration is the first step for every bettor, and you must enter the correct details to avoid a breach of the bookmaker’s terms and conditions. If you run into any issues when trying to register your 10bet Kenya account, you can contact the customer care team of the bookmaker via phone (+254203895101), WhatsApp(+254757222087), email ([email protected]) or live chat.