22Bet Kenya App Review Download Guide for iOS and Android

If you are a betting on the go fan and reside in Kenya, you can read this detailed review on the 22Bet app. Furthermore, we provide details on how to download, install, and use this app, as well as list some of its most important features.

22Bet Android App Download Guide

As many of you already know, this operator has developed an app for both Android and iOS devices.

So, Android users can check the guide on how to download the 22Bet app for this platform below.

How to download the 22Bet app in Kenya?

  1. Go to the brand’s website.

  2. Locate the mobile app segment on the right-hand side and click on the find more button.

  3. Locate the mobile app segment on the right-hand side and click on the find more button.

  4. Press the “Download the Android app” button.

  5. Wait for the app to download.

Once you download the 22Bet app for mobile and tablet devices, you should install it. The installation process is not complicated.

Before all else, you need to have enough storage space to install the app. Also, you have to give your device permission to install apps from unknown sources.

Lastly, you run the installation and use the app after the installation is done.

22Bet iOS App Download Guide

Not very different from the Android download procedure, the iOS guide also consists of the necessary steps to take.

  1. Open up the bookmaker’s website.
  2. Find the 22Bet app section on the right and hit the find more button.
    22Bet iOS App Download Guide
  3. Click on the download the iOS app button.
    iOS Download Button
  4. Hit the download button once you are redirected to the Apple App Store.
  5. Be patient until the download process is done.

Needless to say, you must log into your iOS account before starting the download procedure.

As for the installation, your iOS device will also need enough storage space and an up-to-date system version.

22Bet Mobile Site

You can access this brand’s website without using your laptop or computer in two ways. The already mentioned one implies downloading and installing the 22Bet app.

However, you can also use a web browser app on your phone and visit this operator’s website.

First, you have to either download and install a web browser app on your mobile or tablet device or use an existing system web browser app.

Once you make sure that a web browser app is up and running, you need to search for this bookmaker’s site on the web. Since it is easy to find, you should open it after locating it.

Interestingly, the 22Bet mobile website is highly-functional.

This is mostly because the mobile website is designed to mirror the desktop website, which is already known to function well.

22Bet Mobile Site

Not only that, but the mobile website possesses all the features, options, and services that are available on the desktop website.

Therefore, you are able to complete processes like 22Bet registration, deposit making, bet placing, and many more. Because of this, this brand’s mobile website is highly-rated.

22Bet App System Requirements

As discussed before, installing the 22Bet app requires your devices to possess certain characteristics. One of the key features relates to the system version of your device.

Namely, the system version of your phone or tablet device must not be outdated.

Most of the time, the Android system 4 or newer is enough to support the 22Bet app.

Speaking of the iOS devices, the latest app version provided by this operator requires a 12 or higher iOS system.

When it comes to storage space, the newest 22Bet Android app will take 54 MB of your space.

On the other hand, the current iOS app’s size is 225.4 MB. It goes without saying that your devices should not be damaged and that you need a stable internet connection to use the aforementioned apps.

22Bet App Login

Following the download and installation procedures, you can log into your account rather quickly and easily.

Initially, you will need to tap on the app icon in order to run the app on your device. Provided that you already have an account, you should click on the log in button.

Afterwards, you have to enter your phone number and password. Finally, you must press the log in button once again.

Alternatively, you can use your email address in order to sign in. To switch from the phone number, which is set as default, you need to click the small grey mail icon beside the log in field.

If it happens that you change your mind, you can bring the telephone number field back by hitting the phone icon button.

Additionally, there is a “remember” box that you can check in order for the website to save your login credentials.

Also, there is a “forgot your password?” button that you can refer to if you cannot remember your account password.

How to Place Bets on 22Bet App?

Placing a bet on this brand’s website is also straightforward. Before placing bets, you should be aware of the fact that you must sign up and make a deposit.

Given that you have already completed these steps, you can go to the website and log into your account. Then, you need to enter this bookmaker’s sports section.

Next, you have to select the matches that you want to place bets on. During the selection process, you should also choose the betting markets for each game.

The moment you pick your first match as well as the desired betting market, your bet slip will show up. A bet slip contains a few features that you can make use of.

First, you will be able to see the games, odds, and markets. Moreover, there are some other services that include calculating your potential winnings along with the option to choose whether you accept or decline the odds changes.

Not to mention that you can see the bets that you have previously placed, too.

One of the last steps is making a decision about your stake amount and confirming your bet slip.

Should it happen that you need additional explanations for bet placing, you can opt for the “how to place a bet” section on this website, which you can find under your bet slip.

Main Features of the 22Bet App

Not all the top betting apps developed have the same features. In relation to this, it is crucial for an app to possess some of the options and services that are well-liked among customers.

For this reason, we outline a couple of central characteristics of the 22Bet app for mobile and tablet devices.

Cash Out

The cash out feature enables you to get either a part or your full bet back before they settle. The number of funds staked that you are able to get back depends on the period of a particular match.

This is a very famous feature, as many players use it when they think that one of their last bets will be unsuccessful. On top of that, you may have a chance to use a 22Bet promo code if given one once you access this brand’s website via a mobile app.

Live Betting

Another well-known option considering the 22Bet app is live betting. It is obvious that you have a chance to place bets before the beginning of a game if you meet the right requirements for this.

Yet, some players wish to go one step further and place bets at any period of a match. This may come in handy as you can get informed about the game atmosphere and then determine what type of bet you will place.

User-friendly Interface and Responsive Design

It is always great to have an app that you can use with ease. This usually implies being able to find the available operator’s services effortlessly.

Also, the user-friendliness of a mobile app suggests that most features and options are simple and straightforward regarding their use.

As far as the responsive design is concerned, an app should be adaptable and fit your screen size. Luckily, you may find both traits in this bookmaker’s mobile app.

High Security Standards

No app is thought of as good as long as it’s not safe and secure. Knowing this, the 22Bet app for mobile and tablet devices boasts great security standards.

Some of them include multi-factor authentication, encryption, account and identity verification, etc.

22Bet Kenya App Review

In general, we may say that the 22Bet app for users from Kenya is modern and high-functioning. First of all, it is easy to download and install.

What’s more, it is characterised by quick load time and responsive design, as well as by having a user-friendly interface.

Even more, this app is also safe to use. Alongside this, you can get your hands on numerous services, such as live betting, cashout, registration, and more.

If you want to find out more about this operator and some other options on its website, you check a detailed 22Bet review.

22Bet Kenya App FAQ

You can take a look at some of the popular questions related to the 22Bet app and find the answers that will hopefully help you in this section.

Does 22Bet have an app?

Yes, it does. There is a 22Bet app for Android and iOS whose download source you can find on this operator’s website.

How do I install the 22Bet app?

Installing the 22Bet app is rather simple and easygoing. The installation process can either start automatically after you download the app, or you can begin this procedure manually by locating the apk file in your storage and tapping it.

How do I deposit money on the 22Bet Kenya app?

Depositing funds is not a demanding task to complete when using this bookmaker’s mobile app. Primarily, you will need to log into your account. Next, you will have to enter the profile section and find the deposit subcategory.

How do I withdraw money from the 22Bet Kenya app?

Just like the deposit process, the withdrawal procedure on the 22Bet app is effortless. Initially, you have to enter the profile section, locate the withdrawal segment, choose the withdrawal option and enter the required withdrawal method details. Also, you need to decide upon the withdrawal amount and verify the procedure.

22bet App Review
  • Mobile site
  • User-friendly
  • Security
  • Cash out