BetRaha Welcome Bonus 2021

It is that time again, where we take time to uncover all the ins and outs of a great online gaming platform, giving you the lowdown on what can be expected, in terms of the BetRaha bonus, the BetRaha promo code (if there is one?), the BetRaha app and if it even exists, the BetRaha games and BetRaha minimum stake and BetRaha maximum payout, and so much more.


When it comes to getting the information needed, you’re sure to get the comprehensive overview by simply reading on, as our BetRaha review aims to cover all the basics, all the unique selling points, and everything in between.

All About BetRaha Bonus Offers 2021

We love to give all the details needed for the BetRaha Bonuses 2021 in one quick glance view, as it is important to be able to know what you will be getting out of joining the BetRaha player community, from the onset.

Right from the start is the fact that BetRaha Kenya, offers a welcome bonus to new customers. If you predict 6 scores you can win 2,800,000 KSH.

Bonus offer terms Details
Bonus type Welcome bonus
BetRaha Bonus Predict 6 scores and Win 2,800,000 KSH
BetRaha Promo code Reveal
Our rating 4/5
Offer Get your BetRaha Bonus Boost

BetRaha Welcome Bonus 2021 – Step-by-step Guide

Becoming a BetRaha patron is super easy to do. All you need to do is follow these rather simple steps as highlighted below;

  1. Stop by BetRaha Kenya, by clicking on one of our URLs
  2. Select the option to BetRaha Register. You will see the button located on the top right-hand corner of the web page
  3. Once you have selected the BetRaha Register button, simply fill in the registration form
  4. As soon as you have successfully filled in the registration forms, you will be able to make a deposit into your newly formed BetRaha gaming account
  5. Be sure to make a minimum deposit into your account, as soon as possible, in order to claim your welcome bonus

BetRaha Welcome Bonus

BetRaha Bonus Details: Terms & Conditions

This particular operator offers an appealing BetRaha welcome bonus to new players. While there is no BetRaha promo code on offer at the moment, it might become available in the future. All you have to do is make a prediction for 6 games and you can win up to 2,800,000 KSH.

To claim the bonus, you’ll have to fulfil the following conditions.

  • Legal gambling age of 18+
  • Be a resident in Kenya
  • Share correct information
  • Make 6 predictions
  • Meet the minimum odds requirement

Besides the welcome bonus, various bonus deals are available. They are quite fun-filled and will ensure many players are kept happy, enjoying top entertainment throughout.

Each bonus offer that is currently available for the BetRaha Kenya patrons will have its very own set of Terms and Conditions, and rules of engagement. We advise you to stop by the Promotions section of the BetRaha website and take a look at the landing page specific to the promotion you would like to grab and be sure that you are indeed well-versed on the ins and outs of the offer accordingly.

Be sure to know the BetRaha bonus wagering requirements for each of these BetRaha bonuses, as there will no doubt be particular requirements put into play when it comes to these bonus boosts and the likes.


BetRaha Bonuses and Available Promotions on Offer

BetRaha welcome bonus is available for new players. Furthermore, there are plenty of great bonus deals on offer for patrons at BetRaha to take up. The fact there is no BetRaha promo code, is not something to be too concerned over as well.

Bet Raha more than makes up for these in the way of offering ample promotions for their customers to enjoy throughout.

Here we take a closer look at the three current promotions available on the BetRaha portal, clearly stated on the Bet Raha promotions page on site.

The MegaBonus Promotion

This promotion is great, as it sets you up for a grand (or should we say, mega) win when your bets of 4 and up to 25 selections could result in a whopping 250% increase. Simply look for the winnings on your bet slip accordingly.

Be sure to check out the specific Ts&Cs here, as there are some unique points to consider with this bonus promotion.

Important to note, before actually taking up this deal are the Bonus Qualifying criteria, which are as follows;

  • This offer is available to all players who place a qualifying bet from Thursday 7th January 2021.
  • Bets must be placed on any 4 selections or more at minimum odds per selection of 1.20 to receive a percentage increase on winnings.
  • Remember that only cash bets will qualify.
  • Cashed out or voided bets will not count.

BetRaha MegaBonus Promotion

The Weekly Free Bets Promotion

This promotion is also on offer to patrons of BetRaha. And again, we encourage you to check out the Terms and Conditions before taking up this deal. Be sure to stop by and check out the BetRaha today games that will be taking place, to place your stake and get in on the action.

This particular promotion is specifically tailored to encourage players to opt-in to the loyalty programme, in that it is here where the loyalty of players is rewarded week after week.

The way this promotion works is as follows;

Opt-in to our Loyalty Club for Premierbet Kenya (another commonly used name for BetRaha Kenya) and every week you can get a Free Bet based on your bets for the previous week as follows:

  • When you stake between 200 KSH to 1,000 KSH during the week, expect to get a 10 KSH Free Bet.
  • All stakes of between 1,000 KSH – 5,000 KSH made during the week will receive a 50 KSH Free Bet.
  • Those that place a stake of between 5,000 KSH – 10,000 KSH during the week will be able to redeem a 500 KSH Free Bet.
  • If your stake exceeds 10,000 KSH+ during the week, be prepared to receive a 1,000 KSH Free Bet.

Each week will see a new run of weekly free bets, as the promotional week runs from Monday to Sunday, week-on-week.

The Instant Football Championship Promotion

This promotion is just as fun-filled and will see many hours of great gaming good times, for all patrons that take up the challenge of this promo.

The premise is simple. All you need to do is head on over to BetRaha and play the Instant Football Championship game.

What it entails is as follows;

  1. Play Instant Football, with no minimum stake required
  2. Earn points on your winnings and aim to win the weekly championship
  3. Every week will see the top 50 players receive a 575 KSH bonus
  4. The Top 10 winners over the 4 weeks will receive 575 KSH every got 1 month to use to play Instant Football

This really sounds and looks like a win-win situation all around.

BetRaha Football Championship Promotion

BetRaha Sports Betting Markets

For any good sports betting platform to be able to hold its weight in the realm of sports betting online, there needs to be a wealth of markets available for its patrons to enjoy.

Bettors at BetRaha are indeed able to take up their various sports betting moments, as each sports event has a range of betting markets available for the customer to take up and enjoy.

The various betting markets include the following;

  • Cash back boosts
  • Odds boosts
  • Both Teams to Score
  • 1st Half 3way
  • Double chance
  • Handicap (0:1)
  • Handicap (1:0)
  • Over/Under 0.5 up to 4.5
  • And many more!


BetRaha Bonus Casino Betting Markets

Now that we’ve gone all the way into the various kinds of sports betting markets one could expect to see at BetRaha, what about the casino markets?

Truth be told, we did not see any casino activity when we were conducting our review of BetRaha, in this instance, it appears that BetRaha is an exclusive sports betting portal.

We would be happy to see a casino platform associated with BetRaha in the future, particularly for those patrons that enjoy placing a bet or two on some roulette or blackjack gameplay.

Perhaps the operators of BetRaha may look to adding a casino market or two for its patrons to take up and enjoy, but for now, it appears that sports betting is the extent to which BetRaha tends to go.

BetRaha and Their Live Betting & Streaming

This particular element is well oiled and very much a good service and product for the BetRaha patrons to enjoy. There is ample sporting activity available on the live betting and streaming portal for every customer at BetRaha to enjoy, along with it the various betting markets are available too.

In-play betting is indeed a great offering at BetRaha too, which only but adds to the excitement of being able to place those takes right at the moment, giving the customer a feel for being in the action, through and through.

This particular aspect at BetRaha gets a huge thumbs up from us, as there is ample opportunity for the bettor to vibe with the live gaming and get to feel the sheer excitement of the game at hand.

While enjoying live betting is possible, we can’t say the same for live streaming. We assume, however, that this feature will become available sometime in the future.

BetRaha App

This next section is yet another part of the review that we feel BetRaha may need to step up their game somewhat. Although the actual BetRaha app question needs to be addressed, we must admit that the mobile experience offers a seamless platform, with ease of navigation and quite a superb look and feel.

An experience that is not very different to that of the desktop experience. The fact that BetRaha app is somewhat non-existent, or rather that currently, BetRaha does not actually have a dedicated downloadable mobile app is somewhat disappointing.

It is important to note here that a BetRaha login via desktop or mobile is exactly the same procedure too.

Especially given the fact that many patrons tend to engage with BetRaha via their mobile device. The sheer volume of bettors that access these online betting sites via their mobile devices should be more than enough reason for these operators to realize that allowing for a downloadable app for their services and products is the smart way forward.

We do hope that BetRaha will in the not too distant future provide a solution whereby their users will be able to download a dedicated app that is robust and has betting capabilities compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

For now, though, the customer can easily access the BetRaha betting platform via their web browser on their mobile, and will not experience much of a difference compared to that of the desktop version.

The only drawback again here, is the fact that the betting lobby will be accessible if there are internet connectivity issues. It may affect the betting experience, should the connection drop during a live betting event.

BetRaha Payment Options and Withdrawals

For any top-level betting platform, the need for a variety of payment options is indeed way up there, in terms of priority. The safety and security of their patrons is a top priority, which is why the payment method is integrated into the system at BetRaha.

So doing, at BetRaha, there is only really 1 preferred method of deposit, and that is via M-Pesa.

You will need to follow these steps to get funds into your BetRaha account;

  1. Head over to start out with your BetRaha Login, or in other words, log in to your BetRaha account
  2. Choose the ‘Deposit’ icon on the screen
  3. Go to the ‘M-Pesa’ menu on your mobile
  4. Select ‘Lipa na mpesa’
  5. Select the ‘Paybill’ option
  6. Enter the number: ‘207291’ into the pay bill section
  7. Input the letters ‘BR’ as the account name
  8. Input your M-pesa pin
  9. Select ‘Confirm’ to successfully conclude the transaction
  10. When all has gone through successfully, your account will be credited accordingly

Similarly, for withdrawal processes, patrons will be pleased to know that their safety and security has been taken into account, and there is an integration with M-Pesa on the BetRaha system specifically dedicated to withdrawing funds as well.

When it comes to withdrawing from BetRaha, there is a similar procedure to follow;

  1. Begin with a BetRaha Login, or in other words, login to your BetRaha account
  2. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Withdrawals’
  3. Input the amount you would like to draw from your BetRaha account
  4. Select the ‘M-Pesa’ option
  5. Choose the ‘Withdraw’ option
  6. Next up, choose ‘Proceed Payment’
  7. Double-check your Financial tab, to be sure that the withdrawal request has been successfully requested.

BetRaha Customer Service

The customer care service at BetRaha is top-notch. Not only is there a Help Centre, which offers patrons the chance to attempt some self-help, via the usage of Frequently Asked Questions, but there is clear information given on-site, as on how to get n touch with a dedicated customer care agent.

Even if you just need some information on how to go about ensuring your BetRaha login is successful, here is your best bet.

One can contact a customer care agent via email, a telephonic call, and there is even the address given, clearly and plainly for all to see.

This type of information also adds a level of trust and transparency, which in turn speaks volumes, in terms of the safety and security and legitimacy of the operator in general.

We think it is a good move on behalf of BetRaha to have included all these points of communication and contact on-site, as it definitely allows for ease of getting in touch and contacting the operator, should the patron so desire.

Our Review of BetRaha Bonus in a Nutshell

All in all, we like BetRaha, not so much for the services and products available to its patrons right at this present time, but we like BetRaha for the potential we see in it accordingly.

There are a few too many critical elements that need some attention, that prevents us from giving BetRaha a full-blown five-star rating, but what we do like is the tenacity of the brand and the fact that where this operator excels, it excels with flying colours.

We feel that if the few key elements that need some attention are seen to, and are adequately enhanced, this online betting portal will in no time become one of the top sports betting operators in Kenya indeed.

BetRaha Kenya Our rating
Welcome offer 4 / 5
Markets 4 / 5
Odds 4.5 / 5
Mobile app 2 / 5
Payment option 3 / 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Average grade 4.1 / 5
BetRaha Register Employ a BetRaha Register process to enjoy bonus boosts galore!




What we like What we don’t like
Great variety of betting markets No live streaming
Great customer service No casino platform
Competitive betting odds

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to get to the nitty-gritty of any operator and to actually give answers to those commonly asked questions, here we tackle a few of those frequently asked questions.

How to Log In On BetRaha?

Simply open the URL for BetRaha, and select the ‘Login’ icon, situated on the top right-hand corner of the web page. It really is that easy to get your BetRaha login mode on! You will then be able to enter in your username and password, as was created by you when you registered to open a BetRaha betting account.

How to Register on Bethara?

Follow the similar steps as above, in that you will go to the URL for BetRaha betting portal. However, instead of selecting the ‘login’ button, you will select the ‘Register’ option. Fill in the registration form that pops up when you choose that option.

How to Use BetRaha Bonus?

Simply head on over to the ‘Promotions’ section on the BetRaha website. Check the various bonuses on offer. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the various Terms and Conditions associated with each bonus deal, and follow those to ensure you qualify for the bonuses in question.

How to Play on BetRaha?

Making bets at BetRaha is straightforward. You can enter a BetRaha promo code if prompted. However, you can make selections before adding a stake to your bet.

How to Withdraw From BetRaha Kenya?

Seeing that BetRaha take its safety and security of their patrons rather seriously, there is an integrated withdrawal system. It allows patrons to use M-pesa to conduct all withdrawals.

Simply follow the steps as laid out in the article above. You will have no issues when it comes to withdrawing your funds.

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