Betway Jackpot Kenya

Despite being a ‘newbie’ in the Kenyan online betting industry, Betway Kenya have attained prominence because of the quality of service they offer. One of the strong points that makes Betway Kenya standout in terms of offerings is the numerous jackpot that they provide. In this article, you will be looking extensively at the Betway Jackpot Kenya.

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What are Betway Jackpots?

If you are good at making accurate predictions, the bookie uses the jackpots and the Betway sign up code offers to reward you. Betway makes provision for a wide range of Betway jackpot offers that you can take advantage of if you have an account with Betway Kenya. Below is a table that gives you a sneak-peek of the jackpot offers that you can find on Betway Kenya, with a small description of what each represents.

Betway Jackpot Description
Pick 13 Predict the outcomes of 13 selected matches
Pick 15 Predict the outcomes of 15 selected matches
Pick 6 Predict the final scoreline of 6 selected matches
The Colossus Predict the final scoreline of 7 selected matches

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How Does Betway Jackpots Work?

Betway Jackpot Kenya is arguably one of the main reasons why a lot of people are glued to the sportsbook. The bookie uses the Betway Jackpot Kenya as a medium to reward users who are prudent at making solid predictions. The four jackpot options are only limited to football games which will be selected by the bookie. In this section, the Betway jackpot bonus will be discussed, giving you insights into how they work.

Betway Jackpot

Pick 13

This Betway jackpot bonus demands that you make a Betway jackpot prediction of the outcomes of 13 matches which will be selected by the sportsbook. Your Betway jackpot pick is only limited to “1” “X” and “2” options. If you can accurately predict the outcome of 13 matches, you will be rewarded with over a million KSH.

Pick 15

This Betway jackpot bonus is very similar to the pick 13, the only difference is that in this case, you are expected to predict the win or draw outcomes of 15 selected matches. If all your predictions are accurate, you will be rewarded with about 38 million KSH as you can find on the operator site.

Pick 6

The Pick 6 Betway jackpot bonus is a little different from the pick 13 or picks 15. In this case, you are not just expected to predict a win or draw outcome, you are expected to predict the accurate score line of six matches. However, if your Betway prediction is only accurate for three matches, you will be rewarded with a consolation prize.


The Colossus is the most rewarding of the Betway Jackpot Kenya. In this case, you are expected to predict the score line of seven matches correctly. If your Betway prediction pick for all 7 matches is correct, you will be entitled to a cash prize of over 100 million KSH. It would also suffice to add that if you don’t get all the predictions correctly, you will be compensated if you get 4 correctly. However, the reward for getting four correctly can’t be compared to when all your predictions are accurate.

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Betway Jackpot Predictions

Last modified: 2021-10-19 16:26:52 UTC+ 0
Yield: 9.74%
Barcelona vs Real Madrid
24/10 16:15
Over 2.5 goals
Barca and Real Madrid are pretty unstable defensively this season, and so i think that focus is gonna be on offense in this El Clasico. I expect an opened game, with both teams playing for win, without...
Yield: 9.74%
Nantes vs Clermont Foot
Ligue 1
23/10 17:00
Nantes to win
Clermont is a newcomer in first league, and after strong start of the season, and two wins in first two rounds, they started to struggle. Clermont is now without a victory in 7 games in a row. Nantes on...
Yield: 9.74%
Real Betis vs Rayo Vallecano
24/10 18:30
Real Betis to win
Rayo Vallecano is having a good start of the season, they are in top zone after first 8 rounds, but are notably worse in road games, than on home ground. Real Betis is a better squad, and they are pretty...
Yield: 9.74%
Marseille vs Paris Saint-Germain
Ligue 1
24/10 20:45
Paris Saint-Germain to win
Marseille is a good team and they are gonna be very motivated in this clash, but still i see Paris SG just too strong and i must try with this bet on this odd offered. Also, Marseille is currently out...
Yield: 9.74%
Chelsea vs Norwich
Premier League
23/10 13:30
Chelsea -2.00 (AH)
Norwich is having a terrible season so far, they are on bottom of the table with only one single point after first 7 rounds, and they already conceded 16 goals. I see them as huge underdogs in this visit...

How to Play the Betway Jackpot?

The Betway Jackpot Kenya is only available to players that have completed their Betway registration. Once you have crossed that stage, you will be allowed to make your Betway jackpot prediction and enjoy the offers. Playing the Jackpot follows an easy process. You don’t necessarily have to climb hurdles to find a way around it. To play the jackpot, after opening an account, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the main website and login into your Betway account.
  • Ensure there is some balance left in your account. If not, make a deposit.
  • Navigate to the Betway jackpot tab and click on it. You will be redirected to a new page where you can make your Betway jackpot pick and place your bets with a small token.
  • Endeavour to do due diligence by checking statistics provided for each event, to help you to make informed choices on possible predictions. The more research you do, the better your chance at making the right predictions.
  • After you have done your findings, make your picks
  • Click on bet and the stake required will be deducted from your account balance.

The wonderful thing is that there are consolation prizes available even if you miss some predictions. If you get at least 3 -6 predictions right in the colossus jackpot, you can win some consolation prizes.

Betway offers a multi-line selection if you are unsure of a particular fixture. You can select up to two predictions per fixture to hedge your bets. If you are unsure of the outcome of the fixtures, Betway offers a Smart Pick feature. When you use the Smart Pick, the software helps you predict the result of the fixtures.

How to Cash Out Betway Jackpot?

If your Betway Jackpot Kenya predictions pull through, the reward will be credited to your account. Once the winnings have been credited to your Betway Kenya account, you can take the next step to cash it out. To withdraw the funds, you can exploit the M-Pesa channel, which will require your Betway Paybill in the process of finalizing the withdrawal.

Betway Cashout

Who Won the Betway Jackpot?

Knowing where to find the jackpot winners is a question that most new Betway Kenya users have at the tips of their tongues besides trying out on the draws. For a start, if you are selected as one of the winners of the Jackpot bonuses, the amount will be credited to your account.

Betway also takes the responsibility to announce the Betway jackpot winners on their platforms. You can navigate to the Betway Jackpots page to find the winners of the last draw. If your name is inclusive, you will also find the amount that you have attached to it.

Always note that Betway Kenya reserves the right to pick the Betway jackpot winners and to win the jackpot, you are expected to make accurate predictions of what the jackpot bonus offer requires. If your predictions don’t come close, then you shouldn’t be expecting the jackpot reward as accuracy is what is most rewarded in this case.

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Betway Jackpot Kenya FAQs

Does Betway have Jackpots?

Yes. Betway has a wide range of jackpots that gives you a chance at winning as much as a million KSH only for a token. There are, majorly, 4 main jackpots: Pick 13, Pick 15, Pick 6, and Colossus. All the jackpots have their respective payout amount if you make the right predictions. The most rewarding of all the jackpots offered is is the Colossus which pays over 100 million KSH. In some cases where you don’t get the predictions for all the matches, but close enough, you stand a chance to win some consolation prizes.

Is the Betway jackpot real?

Yes. The Betway jackpot is very real. Week in, week out, people smile to the bank in millions as a result of the Betway Kenya Jackpots. To confirm the validity of the Betway Jackpot, you can navigate to the Betway Jackpot page to find the past week’s winners. Betway Kenya has been dedicated to this cause for a long time and has been using this medium to reward bettors who are great at making predictions.

How to win the jackpot on Betway?

The first step to take to be a beneficiary of the numerous Betway jackpot bonus offers is to sign up with Betway Kenya. If you don’t have a Betway Kenya account already, you want to make sure you have completed your registration first. After your registration has been completed, go to the official Betway Kenya website. Navigate to the Betway Jackpot tab. You will be shown a list of Betway jackpot offers, select one. Make your predictions and finish off by placing your bet. Endeavour to follow up on your predictions by checking live scores and also checking the results on the platform.

If your prediction is accurate, you will be selected as one of the winners. It would also suffice to note that the more you enter for the Betway Jackpot, the higher your chances of winning. So, never hesitate to keep doing your findings, take your time to study past events, and make predictions every week to give yourself a chance at becoming a beneficiary of the Betway jackpot.

How to check the Betway jackpot results?

Every week, Betway updates its results to include the current Betway jackpot winners. So, all you just have to do is find the Betway jackpot results on the operator site. If your name is included in the Jackpot results, then you are assured that you are one of the weekly winners.