Betway Paybill Number: How to Make a Deposit with M-Pesa Paybill at Betway?

Betway Paybill Number

Customers with Betway can deposit funds through the M-Pesa system using the Betway Paybill number: 880185. The deposits can be done after claiming Betway sign up code.

How to Deposit Money into Betway Using M-Pesa Paybill?

Betway customers can deposit money by M-Pesa Paybill because of its ease and low cost. This mobile money account company is widely known around Asia and Africa for being reputable in providing related mobile money solutions.

They have become payment provider partners with Betway because residents of Kenya are aware of the positive reputation and many are users of Safaricom which is the main mobile platform in Kenya. The same deposit methods apply for both sports betting and Betway casino.

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Here is a step-by-step guide to depositing money into a Betway account using the Betway Paybill number:

  1. Register a Betway account

    New customers must populate required fields, provide identification documents and confirm acceptance of the general Terms & Conditions.

  2. Use the Betway sign up code to claim the welcome bonus

    Betway offers new customers a welcome bonus in the form of a 50% matched deposit bonus.

  3. Login to the account using a Username and Password

    There is a procedure to reset the Password or receive a reminder of the Username and Password if they are forgotten.

  4. Click ‘Bank’ to begin the M-Pesa Betway Paybill deposit procedure

    Potential new customers sign up and existing customers login and deposit funds from links on the Home Page.

  5. Select the deposit method which in this case is M-Pesa

    Other payment options include debit and credit cards and the Airtel money wallet.

  6. Select Paybill from the menu

    Enter the Business Number: 880185.

  7. Enter the amount you want to deposit

  8. Enter a valid M-Pesa PIN number

    The amount had been deposited.

betway paybill number

How to Withdraw Money into Betway Using M-Pesa Paybill?

Withdrawing funds from your Betway customer account is just as simple as depositing. Using the Betway Paybill number – or business number – when withdrawing using M-Pesa is straightforward and quick.

Here is a step-by-step guide to withdrawing money into a Betway account using the Betway Paybill number:

  1. Visit your Betway account. To withdraw any funds from your customer account you will need to first log in at Betway.
  2. Navigate to ‘My Account’. The ‘My Account’ option will be available in the top right hand corner of your screen once you have logged in.
  3. Select ‘Withdraw’ Funds’. From the drop down menu you will be given a number of options relating to your account. Choose ‘withdraw funds’.
  4. Select ‘Mobile Money’. You will then be able to select your mobile money provider. For example, you could choose Airtel Money here. But, in this instance, you need to choose M-Pesa.
  5. Enter Amount. Decide how much money you wish to withdraw from your account and enter in the box provided.

Select ‘Withdraw Now’. Complete the withdrawal and await your funds.


Betway is on a tariff with M-Pesa in which the business bears all the charges and the customer does not pay any fees. There is a sliding scale of charges, depending on the value of the transaction. These arrangements are regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya. Betway is probably one of the biggest users of the Paybill system with M-Pesa so they could have made special arrangements with regards to the tariff.

Betway Paybill Review

One of the main factors in selecting an online bookmaker is the reliability of the banking system. A good effective method of depositing and withdrawing funds in Kenya is using a business number used in conjunction with M-Pesa. The business number provides the confidence that transfers are safe.

Airtel Money is a viable alternative to use deposit funds into a Betway Kenya account. But the paybill number provides the security to the transaction, whatever mobile money provider you are using.

How Does the Betway Paybill Work?

We have gone through the procedure above. But the Betway paybill number is specific to this betting company and ensures that your funds will go to the right location.

Is Betway Paybill Legal?

Yes. Using Betway paybill for moving money in and out of your customer account is completely legal.

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Betway Paybill FAQs

Here are the answers to some common questions about Betway Paybill:

Do customers pay any transaction fees?

Deposits and withdrawals carry no fees for customers.

Does Paybill work well?

The Paybill system is an effective method of making cash transfers. Besides, it is the most effective way of funding a betting account and the most used banking method by Betway customers. M-Pesa is a popular mobile phone money-transfer provider in Africa and is used by many businesses.

How to deposit money to Betway using M-Pesa?

Select ‘M-Pesa’ and ‘Paybill’. Enter the amount and send it to 880185.

What are Paybill charges?

There is a sliding scale of charges for Betway.

Are Paybill transfers immediate?

There is no major delay with deposits and withdrawals.