Chezacash bonus promos are the set of promotions offered by Chezacash. There are 7 Chezacash bonus promos, the biggest and well-known is the weekly Power Jackpot. The operator has made all but one of the promotions available to both new and old customers. While Chezacash doesn’t offer casino games, they have strived to make their sports market the best. The odds are competitive, and they offer a lot of events and several markets. If you want a bookmaker that offers huge promotions with great odds, Chezacash is a good option.

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Chezacash Bonus Details

Chezacash Offer Promotion details Get Chezacash Bonus
Karibu Free Bets Deposit KSh.100 for a chance to Win KSh. 10,000 Go to Chezacash Kenya
100% Stake Back Get 100% of your stake back as a free be Go to Chezacash Kenya
Deposit Free Return Get your first deposit of the day when you wager it before 24 hours Go to Chezacash Kenya
Redeem Points Accumulate points for cash rewards Go to Chezacash Kenya
Power Jackpot Predict 17 and win KSh. 1,000,000. Go to Chezacash Kenya
Multibet Boost Get a boost on your multibets Go to Chezacash Kenya
Vuta Friend Refer a friend and win KSh. 30 free bet Go to Chezacash Kenya

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How to Get Chezacash Bonus?

Chezacash offers several jackpots offers both for new and existing customers. Here are some of them.

Karibu Free Bet

The Karibu free bet is available to only new customers. These are the terms and conditions to activate and use the Karibu free bet.

  • After registration, make a first deposit of at least KSh.100.
  • The whole deposit must be staked in the 1×2, Double chance, or Halftime/Fulltime markets to qualify for the free bet.
  • The wager must be on a single game that is a minimum of 1.99 odds or on multiple games of at least 5 games and 1.22 odds per game.
  • The Karibu bonus which is a free bet of 100% of that first deposit is automatically earned after keeping the above conditions.
  • You must then use the Karibu bet to stake on a mulitbet, a minimum of 5 games on any of the 1×2, Double chance, or Halftime/Fulltime markets with 1.22 odds as the minimum odds per game.
  • The Karibu free bet is valid for only 7 days.
  • The maximum payout for the Karibu free bet is KSh.10,000.

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get chezacash bonus

Power Jackpot

This is the mega Chezacash Jackpot bonus promo and is available to all Chezacash customers. To participate in the Power Jackpot here are the terms and conditions.

  • The Power Jackpot is available every week.
  • The jackpot predictions consist of 17 games determined by the operators every week. If you correctly predict the 17 games, you win the KSh.1,000,000 prize.
  • 15 or 16 correct predictions are awarded a Chezacash bonus prize.
  • There is a Chezacash bonus for 17 wrong predictions.
  • The Chezacash bonus amount is communicated weekly.
  • The ticket costs only KSh.1 and players can wager as many tickets as they want free of charge.
  • In the case of multiple winners, the Grand prize and the respective bonuses will be distributed equally among the winning tickets.

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get chezacash bonus

Vuta Friend

To earn a Vuta friend free bet, you must refer your friends to the Chezacash platform. Here are the terms and conditions.
You must be registered to Chezacah to Vuta a friend.

  • To refer a friend, you have to send ‘WIN#0722xxxxxx’, as a message to 29030, where 0722xxxxxx is your friend’s number.
  • Once you have referred your friend, they must place a bet of at least KSh.30 within 72 hours for you to receive the free bet.
  • If your friend places the KSh30 bet as stipulated above, you will receive a free bet of KSh.30.
  • The free bet must be placed on multiple games of at least 5 games with minimum odds of 1.5 per game.
  • The maximum amount you can win with this free bet is KSh.10,000.

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Multibet Boost

With the mulitbet boost bonus, you have the chance to earn when wagering on multiple games and receive your stake back. Terms and conditions of the multibet boost:

  • All the games in your bet slip must have a minimum odds of 1.39.
  • You can only wager a maximum of KSh.20,000 per betslip in the multibet boost bonus.
  • The maximum payout on a possible win is KSh.1,000,000.
  • You are entitled to money back based on percentages when your prediction is lost by 1 match. You can find the different cashback percentages on the Chezacash website.
  • There are no refunds on any postponed match on your betslip.
  • You can place as many multibets as you choose.

chezacash multibet boost

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Redeem Points

Customers have the opportunity to accumulate Cheza points. They can do so by placing wagers on games with a minimum bet of KSh.100 and a total odds of 9.99.

How to calculate Cheza points?

The Cheza point can be calculated with this formula:
(Total staked amount x Total odds(Net odds minus any boost))/100

  • Bets placed with KSh.100 – KSh.500 earn a maximum of 50 Cheza points.
  • Bets placed with KSh.501 – KSh.5000 earn a maximum of 100 Cheza points.
  • Bets placed with KSh.50001 and above earn a maximum of 200 Cheza points.

A customer can earn a maximum of 500 Cheza Points daily, and bets in Jackpot or virtual games do not earn points.

How to Redeem points

A customer can redeem points and withdraw as cash. Also, 100 Cheza points can be used to bet on the weekly Power Jackpot. To redeem points, send ‘redeem#500’ to 29030 to redeem 500 points for KSh.50. 1000 Cheza points equal KSh.100. The maximum daily points redeemable is 1000 Cheza points.

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get chezacash bonus

100% Stake Back

This is available to both new and old customers. This refunds 100% of your stake even if one of the games on your multibet slip is lost. Here is how to get the 100% stake-back bonus.

  • You must wager at least KSh,100 on multiple games of at least 1.39 odds per game to qualify.
  • Your stake is refunded 100% if one of the games on your slip is lost.
  • You are free to wager on as many tickets as you want. Just play 7 games and more with at least 1.39 odds per game and wager Ksh.100 per slip to qualify for the 100% stake back bonus.

chezacash 100% stake back

get chezacash bonus

Deposit Fee Refund

This Chezacash jackpot bonus is available to all customers (both new and existing ones). Here is it works:

  • The deposit fee refund is for the first deposit of the day worth at least KSh.100 by a customer.
  • The customer must stake on a single bet or cumulative bets to an amount equivalent to his first deposit of the day within 24 hours to qualify.
  • The games must be at least 1.11 odds per game.
  • The deposit fee refund is credited as a free bet to the customer’s account when he has wagered the amount of his first deposit.

chezacash free refund

get chezacash bonus

How to Login to Chezacash?

Do you want to create an account at Chezacash? Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to the Chezacash website.
  2. Click on the ‘Register’ button on the top-right corner.
  3. You will be prompted to input your phone number.
  4. Input a phone number and a code will be sent to your phone.
  5. Input the code into the field on the registration form.
  6. Create a new password.
  7. Click on ‘register’, and you can start betting on Chezacash.

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Chezacash App Login

The bookie doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app but is optimized for mobile devices. You can register on your phone by following the steps above on your mobile browser.

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Chezacash register via SMS

Chezacash offers an SMS registration that is easy to follow. The steps are below:

  1. Send the word ‘WIN’ as an SMS to 29030 using the number you want to register with.
  2. You will receive an SMS with your name, username, PIN, password, and Chezacash paybill number 290030.
  3. Your account has been created, you can log in on the website and start betting with Chezacash.

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What Are the Chezacash Predictions?

The Chezacash predictions are the weekly jackpot of Chezacash. It has a grand prize of Ksh.1,000,000. Here is how to predict the Chezacash results:

  • Be prepared for the games weekly as it is announced every week.
  • Go to the website on Monday to see the games up for prediction. You have time until the weekend when the games start to make your predictions.
  • Make your prediction of the games by checking the stats and Head-to-Head history.
  • You can also make another set of predictions on the games that are most likely to fail. This is because Chezacash offers a bonus to 17 wrong predictions.
  • Enjoy yourself.

How to Download Chezacash App?

You can’t download the Chezacash mobile app because Chezacash doesn’t have a mobile app. However, you can use easily Chezacash on your mobile device.

How to Deposit Money into Chezacash?

Payment Method Minimum Deposit/ Maximum Deposit Payment Time Payment Fee
M-Pesa KSh.30/KSh. 20,000 Your deposit reflects in your account after a while Free

You can deposit your Chezacash balance only by M-Pesa. To top up our account, follow the steps below:

  • Open M-Pesa on your phone.
  • Open Paybill.
  • Input the Chezacash Paybill number 290030 in the space marked for Paybill.
  • For the account number fill in ‘Chezacash’.
  • Input the amount you want to deposit. Remember the minimum deposit is KSh.30 and if you deposit KSh.100 you qualify for the Karibu bet.
  • Input your M-Pesa pin.
  • Click on send.
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-Pesa indicating a successful deposit. After a while, the amount will reflect in your Chezacash balance.

Chezacash has simplified the methods of deposit, as you can only deposit using M-Pesa. But to encourage more customers to deposit, they will have to include card deposits.

What is the Chezacash Paybill Number?

The Chezacash Paybill number is 290030. You need to input that number when making deposits.

How Do I Withdraw Money from Chezacash?

Withdrawals on Chezacash are to your M-Pesa account. It is fairly simple to withdraw money from your Chezacash balance; you just have to send an SMS.

Send a message in this format ‘W#xxxx#Amount’ to 29030. The ‘xxxx’ is your M-Pesa pin.

So, for example, send ‘W#1390#1500 to withdraw KSh1500. The requested money will be credited into your M-Pesa account.

Withdrawal Method Minimum Withdrawal / Maximum Withdrawal Payment Time Payment Fee
M-Pesa KSh.50/KSh. 1,000,000 Your withdrawal reflects in your M-Pesa account after a while Charges apply

Chezacash Customer Service

In case you have any complaint or inquiry to make, you can contact the customer service on several channels such as:

  • Call on 0709 978 000.
  • Send a message on Facebook.
  • Tweet at them or send a Direct Message on Twitter.
  • Send them a message on Instagram.
  • Use the Live Chat feature on their website.

Chezacash Betting Market

Chezacash covers mainly a sports market, being one of the major sports betting bookies in Kenya. Casino lovers will be disappointed as Chezacash offers no casino games. However, sports fans love the bookmaker for the numerous sports offered on the platform. The major highlight every week is the Chezacash jackpot bonus on different sport games on their website.

There are several sports markets on Chezacash, sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball, Cricket, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Rugby, American Football, and Boxing. Chezacash even offers an eSports game, League of Legends.

Chezacash offers a variety of events in every game and one of the highest odds available.

Here are some of the events offered on Chezacash:

  • Football: Chezacash offers matches in the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, the UEFA Champions League, and Europa League. But beyond the popular leagues, they offer the matches played in over 70 leagues around the world.
  • Basketball: You can find games from the NBA in the US and EuroLeague Basketball. There are other games from about 4 leagues on the Chezacash website.
  • Baseball: Chezacash offers baseball games from the Major League Baseball (MLB) in the US and the KBO league in South Korea.
  • Cricket: The cricket sporting events covered by Chezacash include the Tamil Nadu Premier League and the Test series of countries.
  • Tennis: All the major tennis tournaments like the U.S Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, and the Australian Open are covered. The WTA and ATP tours are also in the sports markets at Chezacash.

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Chezacash Bonus Review

The Chezacash jackpot is one of the biggest in the Kenyan betting industry. But the bookmaker still has some work to do. Here is a list of pros and cons:

Pros Cons
There are several Chezacash bonus offers There is no casino platform
A very functional virtual betting platform Chezacash lacks a mobile app
You can place Live Bets There is a withdrawal charge
You can play the weekly Power jackpot with as low as Ksh.1 Doesn’t have the best website interface
The deposit and withdrawal process is easy It has just one deposit method
Chezacash offer offline and online registration
There is a referral bonus when you refer someone
You can place bets online or offline

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Chezacash Bonus FAQs

What is Chezacash?

Chezacash is a sportsbook brand offering sports betting to the Kenyan market. The highlight is the Power Jackpot which is the weekly jackpot with winnings of up to KSh.1,000,000. There are always several Chezacash promotions running for new and existing customers.

Does Chezacash Have Any Jackpot Bonuses?

Chezacash has several jackpot bonuses. You can find the Power Jackpot, the Karibu free bet, the Multibet boost, 100% stake back bonus.

What is the Chezacash Paybill number?

The Chezacash paybill number is 290030. This is the number you input to make deposits.

Is There Any Chezacash Offer for Existing Customers

Yes, there is a bonus for existing customers. Some of the Chezacash promo offers for existing customers are:

  • Multibet Boost
  • Vuta Friend Bonus
  • 100% Stake Back.
  • Deposit Fee Refund
  • Redeem Point

How to Reset the Chezacash Pin?

If you lost your Chezacash pin or would like to change your current pin to a more secure one, send CHANGEPIN#1234#xxxx as an SMS to 29030, where ‘1234’ is your old and ‘xxxx’ is the new pin.

You can also change your pin on the website by doing the following:

  • Log into Chezacash.
  • Click ‘My Account’
  • You will see the ‘Reset Pin’ button; click it.
  • Put in your old pin, then your new pin, and click on ‘continue’.
  • Your pin has been changed.
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