Jackpot Predictions + Bonuses in Kenya 2021

Jackpot predictions are the different jackpot games offered by bookmakers. This is different from the normal betting markets as a small stake in a jackpot game can result in a huge win. Those kinds of predictions are very popular among bookmakers in Kenya, the most popular being the Midweek jackpot predictions available on most betting sites.

Types of Jackpot Predictions

There are several Kenya jackpot predictions offered by the different betting sites in Kenya. Most jackpots require a stake to enter your predictions, but some are free predictions jackpots. That means that bettors don’t have to stake any money to win the jackpot prize.  

The major types of jackpot offered by betting sites include 

  • Daily Jackpot
  • Midweek jackpot
  • Weekly jackpot
Jackpot Predictions

Daily Jackpot

With the daily jackpot, punters can place jackpot bets daily. The games for the jackpot are preselected by the bookmaker and are posted daily on the website. Due to the frequency of this jackpot, the prize money is not always large and might vary. Let’s look at some bookmakers that offer daily jackpots.

Betsafe Predictions Kenya

On the Betsafe daily jackpot, the user has the chance of winning 300,000 KES if he gets all the predictions correctly. It is a wagered jackpot and the stake is 15 KES.  It is open to both new and old customers and every customer is entitled to 15 entries per account. 

betsafe jackpot predictions

Dafabet Predictions

For the Dafabet daily jackpot, users can win 100,000 KES when they get the match results prediction of 10 games. There are consolation prizes for the 9 correct Dafabet predictions also. The game most featured in this jackpot is soccer.

dafabet jackpot predictions

1xbet jackpot predictions

The 1xbet jackpot predictions also known as the TOTO jackpot is a 15 game jackpot that is played daily. All the bettor needs to win is to get the correct match winner predictions for the 15 games preselected by the 1xbet team. Punters can choose more than one prediction per bet slip to ensure one of the predictions wins.

Midweek Jackpot

The midweek jackpot predictions are jackpots that occur during the week. Sometimes it happens on Tuesdays or Thursdays of the week. The prize money for the Midweek jackpots is an improvement from the daily jackpot money. Here are some bookmakers that offer the weekly jackpot.

Betsafe Midweek Jackpot Predictions

This is a midweek jackpot prediction that is available from Tuesdays to Thursdays for punters to play on. The prize money is usually around 25 million KES, and it costs 20 KES to play a ticket. Unlike the daily jackpot, bettors are entitled to more than an entry in this midweek jackpot prediction.

dafabet jackpot predictions

Dafabet Midweek jackpot Predictions

For the Dafabet midweek jackpot predictions, users have a chance to win around 10-20 million KES. There are 13 games in the jackpot and bettors have to get the correct match results of the 13 to win the jackpot prize. There are consolation prizes for 11 and 12 correct predictions. 

Weekly Jackpot

The weekly jackpot predictions are the major jackpot betting offered by most bookmakers. This consists of the mega jackpots which have winnings in excess of 10 million KES. Most betting sites in Kenya offer one or more weekly jackpots. Here are some of the most popular weekly Kenya jackpot predictions

Betraha Predictions Kenya (Super 6)

This is a mega jackpot prediction offered by Betraha for its customers in Kenya. This is a correct score jackpot prediction and bettors have to predict the correct score of 6 games to win the cash prize of 10 million KES. It is also a free predictions jackpot, bettors can play the jackpot weekly, however, they are entitled to only one jackpot entry.

betraha jackpot predictions

Betway Predictions

Betway offers one of the most extensive jackpots offers on its site. There is the Pick 13, Pick 15, Correct 6 and the Colossus jackpot. The Pick 13 and Pick 15 are both match results jackpot, where the bettor has to predict the correct match result for 13 games in the case of the Pick 13. While in the Pick 15, the bettor has to predict the correct match results for 15 games. 

The Correct 6 and Colossus are correct score jackpots offered at Betway predictions. For the Correct 6 jackpot, the bettor has to correctly predict the correct score of 6 matches while the Colossus offers 7 matches in the correct score market. For the Colossus jackpot, there is over 100 million KES in the jackpot pot to be won.


Betsafe’s weekly jackpot has a winning cash prize of around 11 million KES and the stake to win that amount is 80 KES. Of course, it is not the easiest jackpot to win, but when you play with winning betting tips and some luck, you can walk home with the mega prize. Betsafe has appeared on this list as the only bookmaker to offer the 3 types of predictions named Betsafe jackpot predictions

Sahara Games

The Sahara games predictions jackpot is a modest weekly jackpot. It’s usual winning prize is around 1 million KES for predicting the correct score for 10 games with a jackpot stake of 20 KES. There are consolation prizes for 8 and 9 correct predictions also.

Other Kenya jackpot predictions that are worthy of mention are the Chezacash predictions, 22bet predictions, and even the Helabet predictions and they can be found on the different bookmaker sites.

Jackpot predictions FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about jackpot predictions.

What are daily jackpots?

Daily jackpots are the jackpots offered by the bookmakers daily. Bettors can make use of betting tips and jackpot tips to make the most out of the daily jackpots as the prize money is not always huge. Popular bookmakers that offer daily jackpot predictions include Betsafe, Dafabet, and 1xbet.

Does the midweek jackpot have a bonus?

No, midweek jackpot predictions do not have a bonus. In fact, most midweek jackpots are not free predictions, so the bettor needs to invest his own money to be able to enter his predictions at the bookmakers. Bookmakers such as Betsafe and Dafabet offer the midweek jackpots.

How to win the midweek jackpot?

Just like every other jackpot game, the midweek jackpots are not easy to win. It will require more luck than a strategy to be able to predict about 10 or more match results correctly. 

Most experienced bettors go-ahead to bet on multiple bet slips on the midweek jackpot predictions. This is a winning betting tip that covers all the possible winning combinations.

How to predict a Jackpot?

You can make a jackpot prediction by going to the bookmaker offering the jackpot you want to play in and entering your predictions. Some of the jackpots are free predictions jackpots, while some others are paid. You can make more than one entry on a jackpot game to increase your chances of winning.

How to win the jackpot game in football?

You can win jackpots games in football by following jackpot tips from prediction sites. However, you have to also know that jackpot betting tips do not guarantee a win, it just increases your chance to win.

How to place a mega jackpot?

Mega jackpots are harder to win because of the huge prize money involved. As always in betting the higher the cash prize, the harder it is to nail the correct predictions, so jackpot tips are not so useful. 

But on the bookmakers with mega jackpots such as Betraha, 1xbet (Toto jackpot), you can simply just make your entry without having to stake any money. So you can play the jackpots whenever it is available to increase your chances of winning.