Mozzartbet Jackpot Predictions: Super Jackpot and Super Grand Jackpot Predictions!

The Mozzartbet jackpot predictions give bettors the chance to guess 20 correct football scores from a list of fixtures. Alternatively, bettors can select the Mozzart super jackpot prediction or access the Mozzartbet welcome bonus if they are new customers.

Ksh 200,000,000 Super Grand Jackpot

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Mozzartbet Jackpot Predictions Today

Below, you can find our Jackpot predictions. Keep in mind that they might differ from the operators’ tips. Please, visit the Mozzartbet website to find the most accurate predictions.

Last modified: 2022-10-02 03:01:22 UTC+ 0
Yield: 4.74%
Qatar vs Senegal
World Cup Grp. A
25/11 14:00
Senegal to win
Senegal comes with 3 wins in last 5 games they played, last match they won 0-1 against Rwanda. Qatar is coming with 2 wins in the last 5 games, last game they draw 0-0 against Slovenia. Senegal are in...
Yield: 4.74%
SV Kuchl vs SC Golling
Regionalliga West - Salzburg
26/10 14:00
SV Kuchl to win
football Regionalliga match. SV Kuchl vs SC Golling. SV Kuchl is coming with 1 win in last 5 games they played, last match they draw 2-2 against SAK 1914. SC Golling comes with 1 win in the last 5 games,...
Yield: 4.79%
SV Kuchl vs SC Golling
Regionalliga West - Salzburg
26/10 14:00
SC Golling to win
SV Kuchl and SC Golling are meeting here and my tip for this match is the away side to win which is priced 3.5 at this very moment. I think this match is more equal and I think the away side is a bit underrated...
Yield: 4.79%
Hertha Berlin vs Hoffenheim
02/10 15:30
Hertha Berlin and Hoffenheim are meeting here and my tip for this match is the match to end draw which is priced 4 at this very moment. I think this match up is more equal and this price seems to be a...
Yield: 4.79%
Arsenal vs PSV Eindhoven
Europa League Grp. A
20/10 19:00
Arsenal to win
Arsenal and PSV Eindhoven are meeting here and my tip for this match is the home side to win which is priced 1.7 at this very moment. The home side is really strong and I think they should be in bigger...

Types of Mozzartbet Jackpot Predictions

This bookmaker runs two different types of jackpot predictions for players to choose from. One is a daily jackpot offer and the other is weekly. Below is an overview of how to enter each competition. There are also details on minimum stakes, maximum winnings, and how to enter a Mozzartbet jackpot today.

Mozzartbet Super Jackpot Prediction

The Mozzart super jackpot prediction is a daily competition where players must select 16 correct scores from the list of matches provided. To qualify for the jackpot, players need to place a minimum stake of 20 KSH on their wager. The winning prize of guessing all matches correctly is 20,000,000 KSH.

Any winnings from the Mozzart super jackpot prediction are shared out between multiple winners. For example, players who win 13, 14 or 15 selections will share a consolation prize.

Mozzartbet Super Grand Jackpot Prediction

However, one of the main Mazzrtbet jackpot predictions is the weekly competition. This is also known as the Mozzartbet super grand jackpot prediction.

To win this jackpot, players attempt to choose 20 correct scores from a list set by the bookmaker. If the bettor guesses correctly, they could win a jackpot prize of 200 million KSH. To play, players must stake 50 KSH for their selection.

MozzartBet Super Grand Jackpot

Mozzartbet Prediction Tips

Making a Mozzart daily jackpot prediction may seem straightforward, but choosing 20 correct results is a tough challenge.

However, there are some tips and routines that players can use to help when making Mozzartbet predictions. Below are some suggestions for players looking to predict correct scores for Mozzart daily jackpot predictions.

Look at Statistics

Today, all sports enthusiasts and bettors can access a range of statistics to help their Mozzart daily jackpot predictions. When choosing a correct score, it is important to look at stats like, previous results (wins, draws and losses) and also how many goals a team has scored or conceded.

Noticing patterns in the numbers may help when choosing correct scores. For instance, Man United may have won 1-0 in their last two matches, meaning it may well happen again in their upcoming match.

Mozzart Daily Jackpot Predictions

Watch Player form

Another consideration for the Mozzartbet jackpot today is the individual player form. Judging a player’s form can inform bettors of the best and worst performers that can impact the entire team’s results. For example, if one defender is not playing well, a team may concede. Alternatively, if a striker is scoring lots of goals, then they could score again in their next game to help their team win.

Think About Home Advantage

In many sports, the team that plays at home often has an edge over their visiting opponents. This is for several reasons, including more support from home fans and player familiarity. As a result, teams can perform better in their home stadium. However, there are some exceptions, like when a far stronger team places a weaker team.

Look at Injuries and Suspensions

Similar to player form, pay attention to which key players may not appear in the upcoming fixture. If a team’s star striker has scored most goals for their team during the season and they are injured, it limits the team’s chances of a win. The same applies to star goalkeepers, defenders, and captains. Missing key players can impact a club’s performance.

Keep a Betting Diary

Lastly, keeping track of bets that did well and ones that didn’t help to build consistency when choosing correct scores. Also, this helps bettors to notice which teams to back and which ones not to. Over a longer period of time, the betting diary offers more analysis into betting patterns and habits.