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Sahara Games Prediction

Last modified: 2022-10-02 02:11:50 UTC+ 0
Yield: 3.28%
SV Kuchl vs SC Golling
Regionalliga West - Salzburg
26/10 14:00
SV Kuchl to win
We will have a game between kuchl and Goling. I believe they will be a dominant side here and play very offensive and good football so I decided to take Kuchl in this match. We have very good odds offered...
Yield: 3.28%
Marseille vs Sporting CP
Champions League Grp. D
04/10 18:45
Marseille to win
Marseille and Sporting will be playing with each other. I will go with a bet on the favorite here and I will take Marseille at very good odds of 2.29. For me there is no doubt this is a value bet and I...
Yield: 3.28%
Tuzlaspor vs Altinordu
1. Lig
09/10 12:30
Tuzlaspor to win
I decided to take a pick in a game between Tuzlaspor and Altinordu. I think best option for this match is to bet on the Tuzlaspor to win. I'm happy with the odds on Tuzlaspor and in my opinion they are...
Yield: 3.28%
Oldenburg vs Erzgebirge Aue
3. Liga
08/10 14:00
Oldenburg to win
I am going with the bet on the Oldenburg at odds of 2.30. I believe Oldenburg can play well here and will be having a very good offense so I'm taking their side. Oldenburg is currently really underated...
Yield: 3.28%
SC Dnipro-1 vs FC Vaduz
Europa Conference League Grp. E
06/10 18:45
SC Dnipro-1 to win
Dnipro is a home side in a match against Vaduz. I see value in betting Dnipro -1. I see Dnipro as really underated in this match and I find value in odds of 1.90 on Dnipro. I think these odds should not...

How Did we Choose Sahara Games Prediction?

Customers with Sahara Games who may enter the Sahara Games promo code during registration can play prediction games. The Sahara Games prediction game involves selecting the team to win a match and combining the outcomes in Jackpot games. The objective is to predict the three-way match result which has the following potential outcomes:

  • Home Win
  • Draw
  • Away Win

The Sahara Games jackpot prediction can be useful. The matches that are included in the Sahara Games Jackpot bonuses games are generally high-profile fixtures in the following big leagues across Europe: Premier League in England, Serie A in Italy, Bundesliga in Germany, La Liga in Spain, and Ligue 1 in France. Sahara Games prediction Jackpot games could also include fixtures from the Champions League and Europa League. 

There can be up to 15 matches so there is a demand for a good Sahara Games prediction source. An all-correct entry wins a Grand prize and there are consolation prizes for getting 1,2 or 3 results wrong. Prizes are shared if there is more than one winning entry which is likely because the low ticket prices attract thousands of entries which can include premed predictions. 

Here are the main factors that should be considered when you are trying to predict the result of a match, including the draw in a game to win Sahara Games jackpot bonuses:


There is a huge supply of statistics online for the main betting sports, including football. This is the most popular sport for betting so there is a demand for detailed statistics.

The two most important areas are recent form for each team and recent head-to-head results. oweve, just about every aspect of a football match is now analysed sand there However, However, just about every aspect of a football match is analysed and there is a huge amount of data. Statistics can give you a good impression of the likely outcome of a match and influence the Sahara Games prediction.

Team News

At the start of the match approaches, you should consider team news. That means delaying your entry into a jackpot game as long as possible so you have access to all the information. Absentees can be caused by injuries, suspension and loss of form.

A team may lose their leading striker or captain for a fixture which means they are less likely to win. Team news is vital when you are assessing a match and making the Sahara Games prediction. However, having success to reliable up-to-date information is important.


There are now transfer windows in the main domestic leagues in Europe. In England, there are two transfer windows for the Premier League: weeks up to the start of the season and the early weeks and January.

Players leave and join a club so the overall strength could improve and defeats are less likely. However, an incoming payer could disrupt the dynamic and the team is less capable of winning matches in the short term and less likely to be a Sahara Games jackpot prediction.

Weather and Pitch Conditions

The weather leading up to a match and during a match can influence the flow of play which may suit one team more than another. Pitch conditions can affect tactics and give a team a relative advantage.

For example, rain makes for a slow picture which means there are likely to fewer corners. A fast-passing team is disadvantaged by a wet and muddy pitch so their opponents are more likely to win the match or avoid defeat. There are fewer goals on a rain-affected pitch.

Home Advantage

Statistically, home advantage helps a team to secure wins or draws. The home team has the majority of the support and are familiar with the facilities and ground conditions. The away team is more likely to settle for a draw which is a good outcome.

Relative position in the league table and the importance of Cup matches, will determine how significant home advantage can be when you are making jackpot game predictions.


Motivation is important in any sport and can influence the outcome of football matches. If a team is safe from relegation and cannot qualify for the Champions League or Europa League, there may be a dip in desire. A small drop in effort can have a huge influence on the outcome of a football match. Motivation drives players to give their maximum effort. A motivated team can have a big edge over opponents who have little to play for in a fixture.

Sahara Games Jackpot Bonus

At the time of writing there was no active Sahara jackpot bonus but there were past results of the latest game. Here are the Terms & Conditions for the Weekly Jackpot:

  • Jackpot Prize Fund: up to 1,000,000 KSH
  • Ticket Stake 20 KSH
  • 1 ticket per account.
  • 10 matches from the main domestic leagues in Europe: Premier League in England, Serie A in Italy, Bundesliga in Germany, La Liga in Spain and Ligue 1 in France,
  • Sahara Games Jackpot prize for 10 correct picks: 500,000 KSH
  • Second place consolation prize for 9 correct picks of 20,000 KSH.
  • Third place Consolation prize for 8 correct picks of 2,000 KSH.
  • Prizes shared when there are multiple correct entries.

The second place consolation prize is not shared if there are less than 5 winning entries. The third place consolation prize is not shared if there are less than 20 winning entries. In both cases, when there are more winners, a fixed amount is determined and shared amongst the winners.

Sahara jackpot games can be introduced in the future. The operator can announce results  immediately and winning players receive their prize without delay so they have funds to enter the next jackpot game which will be a few days later. The weekly jackpot takes place during the European football seasons.